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Selected Studies Vol.1

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10 original compositions created in collaboration with legendary Austrian electronic musician and composer Hans Joachim Roedelius.

No singing, or guitars.

"An immersing improvisatory 50 minutes in the audio elsewhere." MOJO

"All instrumental, dreamier than one might expect from Cole and bouncier than one might expect from Roedelius, this is a worthy, surprisingly melodic set likely to surprise fans from both camps. Recommended." ROLLING STONE 

"Whether or not long-haul Commotions fans will be left scratching their heads is hardly the point: Selected Studies Vol 1 is an entirely successful undertaking on its own terms, enriched by the quiet absorption of congruent confederates who intuitively understand that all manner of gods and devils are in the detail." RECORD COLLECTOR

"It is tempting to surmise that Selected Studies Vol.1 consists of Roedelius providing the definitively outré moments, tempered by the more ‘listenable’ melodicism courtesy of Cole’s pop sensibilities. But this is a lazy assumption to make. In fact, the long gestation period implies that this music is the result of a collaboration of two like minds. Cole has always been an eclectic sort whose magpie tendencies and sparky imagination were evident even in the lyrics of his earliest songs. Roedelius, of course, is known for being a boundary-pusher, and it is by no means beyond him to stray closer to traditional popular song structures in his quest to make something new. But however it came about, whoever made what noises, I hope there’s a Vol. 2 pretty soon." SPINDLE

Full tracklisting and audio samples are on the Selected Studies Vol. 1 page



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