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About Downloads

We now offer free 320kbps MP3 downloads of the albums I own the rights to... This is the highest quality MP3 that iTunes will make and it is the format I use when listening in iTunes. These albums will be shown on the Downloads page.

If you buy the CD you will immediately get a link to the download (if the download is available...) so you don't need to wait for the album to be delivered to listen. These albums will be also be available as a download only for a little more than half the price of the CD

How the method works - your download will be a folder which has been compressed into a zip file. Both Mac and Windows will automatically 'unzip' the file if you try to open it. Then, in iTunes, simply drag the files (not the folder) onto your iTunes icon and iTunes will add them to its library. For other media players please consult your software for import protocol. Please note - iTunes and other media players may automatically re-compress the files to make them smaller and lower quality. You can stop it from doing this in the Import Settings found in iTunes Preferences.

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