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About Us

We are the Cole Family shop.

We are located in Western Massachusetts, USA.
Mail, including returns (if necessary) should be sent to

PO Box 1003
Easthampton, MA 01027

We hope we can become your best source for LC product.

We are the exclusive importer of my 2009 box set ‘Cleaning Out The Ashtrays’, and the Folksinger series of live acoustic albums. We also offer limited run white label CDs only available here and at my shows. We import the albums of mine available in the Rest of the World which are not domestically released in the USA - specifically the BBC Sessions and the Rattlesnakes deluxe edition. That said, the importation may not be cheap, we will be at the whim of the currency markets, and duties may be significant, so if any of the prices seem a little high, please bear this in mind. Domestically produced product will sell with $15 for a single album as the yardstick. I still think this is a good deal.

I never imagined I’d be getting into the retail business when I started making music in the early 1980’s, but today it is a fact of life for most working musicians, and a project like ‘Cleaning Out The Ashtrays’ would simply not have been cost effective (given the enormous amount of my time it took to put together and the fact that most of the royalties go to Universal) if I hadn't budgeted to sell the box sets here, and on tour. While we didn't exactly make our fortune on that project, I consider it to have been a quiet success, and there will be more box sets over the next few years.

I continue to tweak the shop to make it as efficient as can be (I recently lowered the shipping charges to take advantage of the new album being light - no plastic) and I will add any albums in my catalogue which become available to us (Love Story and 1984-1989 just added).

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