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This is a difficult topic. I want my prices to be fair, but I should point out that I still think $15 for an album is cheap! What I’d like my customers to understand is that I am not dealing in massive numbers of CDs like, so it is unlikely that I’ll be able to compete with their prices. What I can offer, though, at no extra cost is a signed album. I am also confident that my shipping rates are extremely competitive, especially for multiple orders, as they are weight based (so 2 Cds ship for only slightly more than 1, not twice as much, etc).

I have established a relationships with several of the record labels who have my product in print, so I can buy directly form them, and my ultimate goal is to have all LC product available here, one way or another.

I cannot control the currency markets – my recent releases are all manufactured in Germany by Tapete Records and the strength of the Euro initially made these albums more expensive in the UK, and USA, than I had anticipated.  I can only promise that if the dollar strengthens significantly and my costs go down, prices will fall accordingly (but not below $15 for an album!).

State sales tax of 6.5% will be added to all Massachusetts orders.


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