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Customs - please read before ordering from outside USA

Every package we ship outside the USA must have a Customs Declaration attached. This little green form (CN-22) must be handwritten and we must declare the value of the items we are shipping honestly. We are a shop – we cannot, nor would we want to hide this. Please don’t ask us to declare the purchase as a gift, or to undervalue it. Our business is essentially a unique service import/export thing. We cannot afford to mess with the Customs folk. I know that these charges can make shopping with us expensive (we’re not cheap to begin with) but I hope that our unique personalised service can make this acceptable. If not, please see the links to our partner shops.

UK Royal Mail protocol – Goods purchased & imported into the EU with a value over £18 (for VAT purposes) and over £105 ( for import duty purposes), or goods imported from one private person to another private person as a gift with a value over £36, are subject to Customs Charges. The Royal Mail also charges an £8 ‘handling fee’. What this means in reality for our shop is – as we charge only $4.50 for a single CD, and either $6 or $9 (depending on weight) for two, you would actually save money by making two separate orders thus keeping the value of each shipment below £18. Your choice. It’s not exactly a Green solution, but it is an option.

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