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!!Customs & VAT - please read before ordering from outside USA!!

Brexit has changed everything, I'm afraid.

Update - November 1st 2021 -

We have had to employ a EU accountant to file VAT returns for us, because now, post Brexit, we must collect VAT from sales to UK, and sales to the EU, and we must file our sales. It is impossible for us to ship to UK and EU, though our shop, without fulfilling these requirements. That's why we've been effectively closed the last 5 months.

For the UK customer, this might actually be better, as, if I'm to believe it, once we have collected the VAT, then there should be no more import duties, and no more of the ridiculous 'handling charges'. Fingers crossed. Please let us know how it goes. We need really feedback.

European customers - we are also collecting VAT, and we must file our sales monthly, and by country. Can Shopify (our internet host) provide us with the data required? We don't know... if it can't then we stop trading. We can't ship to the EU if we don't have an active IOSS#.

As you can imagine, this makes our pricing decisions even more of a dice roll. Printful, who manufacture and distribute our t-shirts, etc, have just informed us that they will start charging us VAT for UK sales, now that they are manufacturing in the UK for UK distribution. But we have only one price for each item. And different expenses in different markets... honestly, it makes me want to give up. But I know some of you really want your mugs and t-shirts, and hopefully this traffic helps the sale of handwritten lyrics, etc, from which we actually make a profit.

I do hope we can keep the shop open, but every year is more difficult and less profitable than the last.

Fingers crossed.


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