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Neil Clark - Sundogs

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Neil was the guitarist in the Commotions and probably needs no introduction here. If I ever play guitar not too badly it’s because I’m trying to channel either him or James Taylor…

Guitar is a tough instrument as the lead (for a whole tune) but he’s got the balance just right on this collection. It’s almost minimalist, which I’m sure Neil would agree is a near miracle, but it isn’t quite – there’s just the right amount of harmony and counter rhythm. He’s also become a great engineer – these pieces are beautifully recorded. Needless to say, the paying is deft, soulful and everything else you’d hope it would be. He’s channeling Frissell one minute and Keith the next, but he’s so much his own man that he doesn’t sound even slightly derivative (except a few of the keyboards here and there which sound like me ;) ).

To listen – go to Neil’s MySpace Page

I expect to sell quite a few of these.


1. Saturnalia
2. Mackerel Sky
3. Little Tornado
4. Four Lane Road
5. The Accidental Tourist
6. All The Pretty Horses
7. Hovering
8. Sundogs
9. The Lighthouse
10. Shinkansen
11. One Morning

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