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Handwritten Couplets

$25.00 USD

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Please read all of this.

Any couplet, or short verse you'd like like. 4 lines maximum. Please let us know in the signed and dedicated box as you check out.

Please don't ask me to juxtapose two lines which didn't sit next to each other in the song.

This can be handwritten in cursive style, or all UPPER CASE. My cursive handwriting skills have been severely eroded by time, and my writing looks to me like the work of a very old person with little control of their hands. See photos. You can choose.

The paper is very heavy watercolour painting style. 5.5" by 8.5" (140mm by 228mm). I've cropped some of the images attached to improve the composition. I won't do that with yours, I'll leave that for you.

I can only offer these when I'm home.

I'm making these available in batches of 25. If this is showing SOLD OUT, that's because all the current batch sold. When a new batch becomes available, I'll announce at Patreon, then on social media.


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