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11 new electronic recordings.

No singing, no guitars.

"1D is largely a compilation of electronically generated Cole works that ebb and flow, undulate and pulsate, all slowly unravelling without the use of a keyboard, just mere program manipulations by the man himself.

The last few passages on the album veer away from the 'slight pieces' that form the basis of much of the music - more intense sweeping modulations accompany The Bund while the closing Strands resembles underwater shoals in rock pools changing direction at random. The real centrepiece though is the epic Slight Orchestra, a beautiful nine-minute odyssey that is captivating and compelling, if only due to its gradual build-up into something quite magical. If the intention was to create something as stunning as Eno, Moebius or, indeed, Roedelius, Lloyd Cole has done it in spades." FLIPSIDE REVIEWS

More at the 1D Press Release page.

Website page with full tracklisting and audio coming soon .



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